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Handbook for implementing Trust Leaders in SMEs

(To be published November 2021)

As a compliment to the training programme the Partners will produce a detailed HANDBOOK that will provide a ‘blueprint’ for the introduction of a conflict free workplace by explaining ways to build trust at work. The Handbook will include self-assessment tools, quizzes, case studies and action points for managers.


The Handbook will explain ways to build trust at work which will look at issues such as (although not exhaustive):


  • Hiring and promoting people to management positions.
  • Building employee skills.
  • Developing the skills of all employees in effective interpersonal relationship building.
  • Keeping staff members informed, which will add to an environment of trust.
  • Acting with integrity and keep commitments.
  • Protecting the interests of all employees.
  • Adopting an open-door policy.
  • Displaying competence in supervisory and other work tasks.
  • Listening with respect and full attention.
  • Exhibiting empathy and sensitivity to the needs of staff members.
  • Take thoughtful risks to improve services and products for the customer.


The component parts defines the dynamics of conflicts and various tactical alternatives associated with resolving them. It provides the manager with confidence to make informed decisions as well as the permission to use third party intervention resources such as conflict coaching, conciliation services, conflict resolution, and facilitation sessions and brings with it some emotional intelligence training.

EU Funded Training Project